Win your luck by playing fantasy chess games

Win your luck by playing fantasy chess games

Fantasy Chess is a hybrid of classic chess and miniatures or role-playing games, in which players share squares and use dice to determine results. This allows everyone to compete in chess competitions by forming a virtual team. All chess fans will like this fantasy sport game. In fantasy chess, put your intelligence to the test and give it your all. Fantasy Chess Game takes you to a whole new virtual universe.

Develop new ideas and modify old ones as you get more familiar with chess from a unique perspective. King, Queen, Bishop, Knight, Rook, and Pawns that move and check like old chess pieces, but may also progress through ranks, carry items, battle over squares (using dice and a data point sheet), and more!

What exactly is chess?

Chess is a two-player strategy board game with 64 squares organised in an 8×8 grid played on a chequered board. Each player starts with 16 pieces, with the goal of checkmating the opponent’s King.

Chess is a war strategy game in which two armies of sixteen pieces compete against each other. Fantasy Chess is played with normal chess rules and piece movement. Your goal is to capture your opponent’s king.

What is the game’s time limit?

Depending on the pot, a player is given 5 or 10 minutes. Because the time spent to make each move is subtracted from 5 or 10 minutes, the player must make his movements as quickly as possible. The player who runs out of time first loses.

How do you win at chess?

Your opponent’s King must be kept in Check at all times. You can also win if your opponent gives up or runs out of time before you.So, start with the fundamentals and work your way up to being the Fantasy Chess Champion in no time! 

  • Getting the game started: The game begins with the first player moving one of his eight pawns or knights in front of the other. For the opposing player, the same rules apply. 
  • Success in a game: One of the ways to win is to checkmate your opponent. This occurs when the king is attacked or checked, and every possible move by the king is likewise checked.

Another option to win is for one player to formally resign the game, which is regarded as their surrender. The last option is to spend the remaining time allotted to the player. As a result, on the assumption that the user has not been checkmated, the other player remaining with time (depending on the pot) is declared the winner.

Chess Terminology

Castling is an unique move for the King in which the Rook is involved. To castle on the Queen’s side, first move the King two squares towards the Queen’s Rook, then leap the Rook over the King to the square on the opposite side. To castle on the King’s side, first move the King two squares towards the King’s Rook, then leap the Rook over the King to the square on the opposite side of the King.

  • When a King is attacked but has a chance to flee.
  • When a King is attacked and cannot flee, he is said to be in checkmate. The game is now over.
  • A diagonal line of squares across the chess board is known as a diagonal line.
  • The endgame is the last phase of a chess game.
  • En Passant: Pronounced “on passon,” which means “in passing” in French. It’s a unique move for the Pawn.
  • A file is a row of squares that runs the length of the chess board.
  • When a piece assaults two pieces at the same time, it is called a fork.
  • In chess, a legal move is one that is permitted.
  • The first 10 to 15 moves in a game are known as the opening.
  • When one player puts the other player in check three times in a row, it is called perpetual check. The game comes to a stalemate.
  • When a Pawn reaches the other side of the chess board from where it started, it is promoted to a Queen, Bishop, Knight, or Rook.
  • On the chess board, a rank is a line of squares that runs side to side.
  • Stalemate: When one of the players is unable to make a valid move and is not in check, the game finishes in a tie.

Options for the game

Let us have a look at the basic rules to follow when you play fantasy chess game:

  • Reset the game

To restart the game, go to this menu option. The difficulty setting, player option, and character set will all be kept.

  • Options for the player

If you choose another player as your opponent, you take turns selecting your chess pieces using the mouse. You will control the white chess pieces if you pick the computer as your opponent. Select the set up board to practise certain moves and have complete freedom of movement with the chess pieces.

  • Reverse the last move

Undo your move and make it again if you wish to reverse it.

  • Pieces for chess

For your chess pieces, choose from 10 distinct character sets. After you choose your choice, the game will restart.

  • Difficulty

There are 10 distinct degrees of difficulty to choose from. The first one is the easiest, and the others get tougher as you proceed, with 10 being the most difficult. After you choose your choice, the game will restart.


When you play Fantasy Chess, though, you get an extra degree of enjoyment. For your army components, you can pick from 10 distinct character sets. Dinosaurs, wild animals, insects, and a variety of other creatures are among the options. Fantasy Chess includes a number of elements that make it a great game for beginners. 

The game’s possible moves are outlined, making it simple to understand. This tool will also come in handy for veteran players when working on strategic moves. Nothing is missed since all conceivable movement is seen. There are 10 distinct difficulty levels to select from, all of which were created with the novice in mind. The stages begin with an incredibly simple level, increasing in difficulty as you progress.


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