The Ultimate Guide to Ice Skating in Philly

The Ultimate Guide to Ice Skating in Philly

There’s nothing like skating in Philly!  Here you can enjoy smooth ice, excellent options for where to go, fantastic food and drinks in the area, and some of the best ice shows you could ever catch.  What’s better than that?

If you’re in Philadelphia and want to make the most out of the area, here are the top places to skate and why skating in Philly is such a big deal. 

Where to Skate

Ice skating is an incredible experience for everyone!  There are some rinks that stand as king, but it depends on what you’re looking for.  The most popular rink in the city is the Blue Cross RiverRink, but the highest-rated is the Tarken Ice Rink.  Although one may be closer to you, pick based on what type of rink you’re interested in, it’ll be worth the drive.

What to Wear

When skating, it’s important to remember to protect your hands, legs, and arms.  This means wearing gloves or mittens, long pants or leggings, and jackets or coats that can take on most of the slide. 

If you’re a beginner that’s never skated, you may want to consider a helmet, but generally, this isn’t necessary since you usually learn at very slow speeds.  

Where to Get Lessons

Philadelphia has countless lessons for skating!  Rizzo Rink is an awesome place to get classes for any age, but they’re geared more toward children.  Class of 1923 Arena also offers lessons, but these generally open up to college students first and then everyone else after, so there’s no promise it’ll work out for you.

Wissahickon Skating club is an excellent choice, offering classes for people of every age at generally affordable rates.  This club also stays open late, closing at 11 pm on most nights. 

What’s Best for Families

If you’re shopping for Philadelphia houses for sale and want to cut loose with your family, it’s time to go skating as a group!   There are a handful of ice skating rinks that are geared toward families in Philly.  These range from Rizzo Rink, which is awesome for families big and small, to Blue Cross RiverRink, which even offers classes for very young kids.

Remember to work in a buddy program if your family is large enough so that younger kids never have to feel like they’re alone in this if they fall or can’t go very fast.

How to Heat Back Up

When you’re done skating, it’s important to take it easy and rest up!  You could go for a classic Philly cheesesteak, but even better are the countless soup and ramen places in the area!  From Terakwa Ramen to the famous 4th Street Delicatessen, you’ll find nonstop delicious warm flavors in Philly.

Make sure to keep hydrated with hot tea or water, or even warm up with a hot chocolate after.  If this is your first-time ice skating, taking it easy after will make it easier for you to get on the ice the next time. 

Ice Skating is a Long Tradition Here

Whether this is your first time skating or you’re a seasoned pro, Philadelphia is the best place to hit the ice!  Consider some of these tips next time you want to go skating here! 

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