Super Cool Valentine Gifts Ideas for Your Guy

As we know, valentine’s day is the day celebrating the romantic love of the couples and the day to show love to everyone who holds an important place in the heart. It is associated with romance, red hearts, chocolates and sweets. Not many of us know that Valentine’s day is said to be originated from a pagan celebration called Lupercalia, which is a fertility festival honouring Faunus, the God of agriculture of ancient Romans. Valentine’s day is said to be a day filled with love, as this is the day to thank your loved ones for being your support system. So planning something to surprise your loved ones on valentine’s day is like winning hearts and making that person realize how much importance they hold in your life. Valentine’s day doesn’t only mean celebrating a day with loved ones, but it also holds much importance as the day to show how much we love and appreciate each other. It also means you’re thanking God for giving you a gracious gift as your partner who has become a reason in shaping your life in a much better way.

This valentine’s day, thank your partner for arranging for him something special and memorable that would make him feel special and loved. Plan a surprise for your guy to show your love and affection for him. Everyone would love to take a break from the daily hustle-bustle of city life and take out some time to spend with loved ones. So valentine’s day is the best day to take out some time and spend some time with loved ones and share your feelings and make memories together.

Romantic Dinner Date

A dinner date is an important part of expressing love. For your man who finds it difficult to take out time from his busy schedule, planning for a surprise by arranging a dinner in his favourite restaurant will be the best idea. A romantic date tends to bring closeness. Romantic date night is more about implementing new ideas like arranging a table for two with amazing decorations like flowers and cake. You can also order his favourite kind of food to make it extra special. There are so many ideas that would come out of mind but plan for something that is simple yet meaningful. A romantic dinner date is the best to thank your guy for their innumerable support and for their unconditional support, and for his love for you.

Watching a Movie together

A good movie helps in lifting up a bad mood. For valentine’s day, watching a movie together with your guy is the best way to spend some quality time together. Spending some good time with loved ones always acts as a stress reliever and gives instant relaxation. So this valentines plan to surprise your guy by arranging a projector at home and ordering some of your favourite snacks to munch in a while watching a movie. Choose a kind of movie having the best storyline and enjoy watching it together. If you are finding it tricky to arrange a home, you can also book tickets and surprise your man by sending him tickets.

An Adventurous Trekking

If you are planning to surprise your guy for Valentine, then plan something that is meaningful, and that stands out from normal gifts. Plan for adventurous trekking. Trekking is the best thing to do if you are exhausted with your daily work life and want some fresh air and relaxation. So give your man this amazing gift, and this is surely going to make him wonder how creative you are. It’s always the best idea to think of something exciting and fun to do. Trekking and spending some quality time with loved ones on valentine’s day is the best way to show love and affection.

Personalized Gift Set

You can’t go wrong with a personalized ring for your man on Valentine’s day. Who doesn’t like a piece of customized jewellery so for your guy, prepare a personalized gift set with a ring, a phone cover and a perfume with his name crafted on it? Every man loved to smell good so gifting him his favourite kind of perfume with his name crafted on the box is the best way to let him know how much you care for his interests and preferences. Add a bunch of red roses online to make it extra special. Make your man feel special and loved this valentine’s day by planning for him something that truly suits his interest.

Valentine’s Flowers and Cake Combo

One thing that never goes wrong is flowers and cake on Valentine’s day. Surprise your man by arranging his favourite kind of cake and some flowers that best suits his personality. Flowers are best for any occasion and can make anyone feel special and loved. So choose flowers that go well for the day, like an exotic bouquet of roses or lilies, and add a love note with it to thank him for his presence in your life. Flower delivery in Kolkata is now available where you can find varieties of different kinds of flowers.  Also, you can choose the flavour of the cake according to your guy’s interest, like chocolate, butterscotch or vanilla. 

So don’t wait for the last moment to plan a valentine’s day surprise. Plan for the surprise and make your guy feel special and loved.

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